1.1.7. Telegram accounts

Our bot in Telegram - @AdmToolsNotificationBot.

With the help of a Telegram bot, you can quickly receive notifications and perform some actions with services directly from the messenger, without having to enter the control panel. To start working with a bot, you need bind to your Telegram account.

  • «Hosting» — actions with hosting-accounts, sites and databases:
    • «Sites» - the following actions are available:
    • «Hosting account» — the following actions are available:
      • «Run virus scan» — launch antivirus scan.
      • «Disk space information» — viewing information about the total, occupied and free disk space (volume and inodes).
      • «CPU minutes» - viewing usage information cpu minutes on the web server and database server.
      • «Restricting FTP Access» — limiting FTP access to the hosting account for the specified IP and subnets.
      • «End active processes» — force termination of processes hostingaccount.
      • «Back up all files» — making a backup the current content of the hosting account.
      • «Back up all databases» — making a backup current versions of all databases of the hosting account.
      • «Clear cache»:
        • «Clear OPcache cache» - clearing the cache OPcache for all sites of the hosting account.
        • «Clear the Memcache cache» — clearing the cache Memcache(d).
        • «Clear Redis cache» — clearing the cache Redis.
      • «My sites» — selecting a site in the current hosting account to perform any actions with it (see above «Sites»).
    • «Databases» — the following actions are available:
      • «End active requests» — forced completion of all requests to the specified database.
      • «Get the size» — viewing information about the disk space occupied by the database and the number of tables in it.
      • «Create user» — creating a database user with the specified name and password.
      • «Create a backup» — making a backup the current content of the database.
    • «Access delegation » — delegation of access to the service or its cancellation.
    • «VPS» — the following actions are available:
      • «Create a backup» — making a backup the current content of the server.
      • «VNC connection» — getting a link for VNC connections using the web client.
      • «Restart» — reboot server.
      • «Switch off» — server shutdown.
    • «Domain registration» — search and registration of domains.
    • «Active services» — view expiration dates and prolongation services.
  • «Online chat» - contacting technical support.
  • «Account» — actions on account:
    • «End all sessions» — forcibly end all active session for the current account.
  • «Settings» - bot settings:
    • «Add account» - linking the bot to another account.
    • «Switching between accounts» - switching between linked accounts and unlinking a Telegram account.


When the mail of the account confirmed, after linking the Telegram account, it automatically turns on two-step authentication via Telegram (if you wish, you can disable).


  • One Telegram account can be linked to several accounts at once. You can get a new link for binding by sending a command to the bot /start.
  • You can only link personal Telegram accounts. You cannot bind a group.
  1. Open the bot in any of the following ways:
    1. Open the tab «Basic information» in section «Personal data».
    2. Click «Add to» in the block «Telegramaccounts»:
    On the device with the Telegram app, scan the QR code:
    On a device with the Telegram application, follow the direct link - https://t.me/admtoolsnotificationbot.
  2. Start the bot — press the start button or send a message with the text /start.
  3. After launching, a greeting will be displayed — follow the link below it:
  4. Confirm the following link:
  5. Login in the account to which you need to link the Telegram account, if you were not previously authorized in it.
The link can also be simply copied with the right button and pasted into the address bar of the browser in which you are logged into the required account.

Telegram accounts linked to the account are displayed in the block «Telegramaccounts» in the tab «Basic information» in section «Personal data»:

You can unlink any Telegram account by clicking ❌. For decoupling thelast account must be disabled two-step authentication via Telegram.