2.2.2. Memcache(d)


On a virtual hosting service is paid daily with personal balance, on the businesshosting included in the fare.

Memcache(d) is a service for caching data in RAM. Designed to speed up web applications by leveling the unnecessary load on the database. Allows you to store key—value pairs in memory for small amounts of data (strings, objects) received from the database, API calls, pre—formation of web page content (anything that takes extra time to execute and can be cached). Simply put, Memcache(d) is caching site pages not to disk (or to a database), but to RAM.

Important points:

  • Memory allocated for everything hosting account without division by sites.
  • For business hosting. You can allocate no more than 1/4 of the tariff memory. The limitation is due to the fact that part of the memory is needed for the scripts to work. If there is not enough allocated memory, the oldest data in the cache will be overwritten.
  1. Open the section "Memcache(d)".
  2. Allocate the required amount of memory in the block "Memcache":
  3. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the service to activate.
  4. Customize Memcache(d) on the right sites.


To connect to the Memcache(d) server, use the desired socket address from the block "Memcache":

Instructions for configuring Memcache(d) in various CMS:

A brief description of each parameter is available in official documentation (in English).

Memcache(d) usage statistics are displayed in the section "Memcache(d)".

Example statistics:

There are several ways to clear the Memcache (d) cache:

  • Through the control panel — open the section "Memcache(d)" and press "Clear cache" in the block statistics.
  • Across Telegrambot — in the bot menu select "Hosting → Hosting account → your hosting account → Clear cache → Clear the Memcache cache".