Inodes (files)
Storage access
from 10 GB
200 000 for every 10 GB
FTP, file manager

Storage is a service within which the user is provided with a dedicated disk space of the selected volume on the server. To access the repository, use the FTP protocol or the file manager in the control panel.

Frequently asked Questions

For what purposes can the storage be used?

For cloud storage of your files. To store backups of websites, databases, etc. Using the file manager in the control panel, you can transfer data directly between the storage and other services — hosting accounts, VPS and Dedicated, as well as copy files from automatic backups of hosting accounts or from third party servers.

For how long can the storage be ordered?

The minimum term for the provision of the service is 1 month, the maximum is unlimited.

Can I order multiple vaults?

Yes, you can order an unlimited number of individual vaults. Access to each of them is provided separately. Direct file exchange between storages is possible using the file manager in the control panel.

Is it possible to change the storage capacity after ordering?

Yes, you can expand your existing storage space. The additional disk space will be added to the existing one. It is currently impossible to reduce the volume.

What happens at the end of the service term?

After the expiration date, the vault is moved to the archive. The content of the vault is saved, but access to it will be blocked.

How can I restore access to a storage that has expired?

To restore the storage from the archive and gain access to its contents, it is necessary to extend it for at least 1 month and pay for all the days of data storage from the moment the service expires.