Storage β

Storage access
Link access
Uploading files from the link
Downloading files via torrent
Configuring auto-delete files
FTP, File Manager, Browser
From 10 GB to 1000 GB, with the possibility of increasing / decreasing during use
10,000 Mbps

Storage - a service within which the user is provided with disk space on the server for storing files. Files in the storage are placed in isolated containers, which can be of three types: private, public or media gallery. Access to the contents of each container depends on its type and can be performed via FTP, through a file manager or through a browser.

Frequently asked Questions

For what purposes can the storage be used?

For cloud storage of any of your files, site backups, databases, documents, photos, etc., with the ability to organize remote access to them for third-party users (view and download by login and password, download by link).

What container types does storage support?

Private - access to content only via FTP or through a file manager. Without browser access and the ability to download files via a link. Suitable for storing sensitive data.

Public - access to content via FTP, through a file manager or browser. Access through the browser is performed by login and password, which are created in the container settings. You can generate special links to upload files to the container. Suitable for storing public data and sharing files.

Mediagallery - access to content via FTP, through a file manager or browser. Through the browser, the content is displayed as a gallery. You can also generate special links to upload files to the container. Suitable for creating a public gallery and sharing images, audio and video files.

How are storage charges arranged?

The cost is indicated for the month, but the payment is not withdrawn immediately, but in installments once a day from the personal balance. The withdrawal amount depends on the maximum value of the disk space during the day. For example, you ordered storage for 10 GB, on the second day you increased the disk space to 30 GB, on the third day you reduced it to 20 GB, and on the fourth day you left the volume unchanged - for the first day the payment will be charged as for 10 GB, for the second and third as for 30 GB (the maximum value on the third day was 30 GB), and for the fourth as for 20 GB. Etc.

Can storage containers be managed?

Yes, the ordered amount of storage can be arbitrarily distributed among its containers. When the volume allocated for the container is exhausted, loading new files into it will be blocked.

Can I order multiple vaults?

Yes, you can order an unlimited number of individual vaults. In each storage, you can create any number of containers of different types.

What happens if there is a shortage of funds on the balance at the time of the next write-off?

The storage will be automatically deactivated. The contents of the vault will be preserved, but access to it will be blocked. To unlock, you will need to pay for the entire period during which the data was stored without payment. It is enough to replenish the balance for the required amount and manually press the button to unlock the vault.