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Benefits of registering domains in our company

Domain management
Domain control panel allows you to perform any operations with the domain
Cumulative system of discounts
The more domains you buy, the more discount you get.
Direct contracts
We work without intermediaries with domain zone administrators
Full automation
Domain registration is quick, and domain management is easy and convenient
Free domain parking
For a domain, you can create a completely free parking page and arrange it the way you want
Mail redirect
All mail that comes to the domain can be redirected to any mailbox
Site redirect
You can redirect the domain to any site
SPF policy
SPF ensures the security of the mail server and protection against forgery of your e-mail
SRV records
Our servers support domain configuration for the correct operation of SIP and XMPP protocols
Domain performance statistics
The control panel displays graphs with information on the number of requests for your domain
Full freedom
Registered domain can be used on any hosting

Domain registration conditions

  1. Domain registration applications are queued and satisfied according to the principle: first paid, first received domain. The first person to pay is the one whose money was the first to be credited to the current account of the registrar.
  2. An unlimited number of applications can be submitted for the same domain.
  3. If your payment has been received by the Registrar, and the application cannot be satisfied for the reason specified in clause 1, the money will be returned to you.
  4. Applications for which payment has not been received within the deadline specified in the invoice are removed from the queue.
  5. If it is impossible to provide services for domain registration, the funds are transferred to the user's personal account and, at the user's request, can be returned to him in the same way in which the money entered the system.

Domain name registration for sites, both Ukrainian and international

The preliminary need to buy a domain may arise long before the direct development of the site for specific needs, since the name you are interested in can take very quickly, it is better to make such a purchase in advance.

The site has a convenient field in which you can check whether the domain name you are interested in is free at the moment, if it is taken, the system will offer you several options that are similar in name.

Before checking, below it is possible to tick off those domain zones, the database of which will be searched for. There are both popular and little-known domain zones, the second option is preferable for high-profile domain names. In this situation, the chance that the required address will be free for registration is significantly increased.

The prices for registration, renewal and transfer of domains for each domain zone can be found in the section service cost.

How long does it take to register a domain?

Domain registration itself takes only a few minutes. After paying the full cost of the domain, you become its owner, but it will take additional 8 to 72 hours for servers all over the world to start recognizing your domain. Domains are registered in automatic mode, there is no human factor in this situation, since the check for the presence of a free name is carried out only by a general database query.

The possibility to register a domain can be either an individual person or a large company or a private organization.

How is the registration and payment of a domain name going?

The domain name is registered after the buyer's money is credited to the company's account.

A situation may arise when it becomes impossible to buy a domain name if someone has already acquired a similar name before you.

All applications are placed in a single queue, the first to receive the name is the one from whom the payment is received earlier. If you pay with the second number, then all the money will be returned in the future, or the company's employees suggest choosing a different name. There is a convenient cumulative discount system, since many customers prefer to purchase several domain names, in such a case, the discount increases over time. A convenient tool for management is provided, all domains are easily administered and configured. Domain check is performed within a few seconds.

Domain parking

The next important operation is domain parking, the page can be designed the way the customer wishes. All domain names can be valid for an unlimited period of time, periodically they will need to be renewed for the required period.

In addition, after the purchase, the option of redirecting e-mail to the addresses of any other site becomes available, depending on individual preferences.

The domain registrar gives the customer complete freedom of action, .ua domain includes millions of sites.

Domain and hosting in one place

On our website, in addition to a domain, you can buy hosting. By providing your site with a convenient control panel, you can easily run your online business without worrying about having to pay for a domain first in one place and then hosting in another. Our system will warn you a month in advance that you need to pay for a domain or hosting.