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The assembly of the server is carried out within three days.

Ready-made servers auction

The collected servers are provided at the auction. The price of a server goes down until it is bought or withdrawn from sale.


The number of dedicated servers is limited. The server receives the one whose payment arrives first.

Subscribe to new servers

Current offers of dedicated servers available for order are published in the Telegram channel Ukraine Dedicated.

Paid server administration service

If you need the help of our specialists, you can use the service server administration

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server or dedicated server- a type of hosting, in which the client is provided with a separate physical machine (as opposed to virtual hosting). Typically used to run applications that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects or have increased resource requirements.

Benefits of renting dedicated servers

  • Direct connection to Ukrainian traffic exchange points (UA-IX, Giganet, DATA-IX, DTEL-IX), direct connection of Ukrtelecom clients (UKRTEL-IX). The total throughput of our external channels is 120 Gbps.
  • All servers are connected to the Internet at a speed of 1 Gbps.
  • We do not charge additional fees for exceeding traffic, but we reserve the right to limit the channel speed to 100 Mbps in the following cases:
    • Server uses more than 30 TB of traffic per month.
    • The ratio of outgoing traffic to incoming traffic is less than 4: 1 at any of the parities.
  • Access to a dedicated server can be obtained within one to three working days after receipt of payment.
  • One IPv4 address and one IPv6 are provided for each server.
  • Full root access to the physical server.
  • Providing IP KVM on request.
  • 24/7 monitoring of server availability via HTTPS with notification via Telegram.
  • Remote reboot of servers through the control panel.
  • Management of reverse DNS records.
  • The ability to host domains on our name servers for free.
  • 100 GB of disk space on a separate server for storing backups.
  • Technical support within the framework of free replacement of failed hardware and reinstallation of the operating system.
  • We do not allow mining cryptocurrencies on SSD drives.
  • Additionally, you can order:
    • Organization of private peereing at traffic exchange points on the street. Leontovich, 9 or Gaidar, 50.
    • We are carrier neutral data center, so you can connect your server to any ISP.
    • Possible announcements of your IP addresses via BGP protocol.
    • VLAN creation between dedicated servers.
    • Connection at speeds up to 10 Gbit / s
    • Connection to dedicated channel servers with guaranteed speed and without restrictions:
      • UA-IX - 4000 UAH for 10 Gbit / s
      • Foreign channel: 300 EUR for 1Gbit / s, 2000EUR for 10Gbit / s.
    • Connecting servers to the network at speeds up to 10 Gbit / s.

When ordering a dedicated server for rent, you get

  • Pre-installed operating system CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or FreeBSD. If necessary, you can provide a link to the image of the desired OS - we will connect it to the server and you can independently install the OS using KVM.
  • Full root access to the physical server.
  • Basic technical support - free replacement of failed hardware and installation of an operating system image.

Recommendations when choosing a dedicated server

These points are written based on the requests that we receive on the server.

  • I have a database with important data, so I need RAID-1.
    The notion that RAID-1 guarantees data retention is very misleading. The reliability of the database is provided by replication to a separate server, and even preferably with a time lag function, for example, by an hour. And of course backups. And a RAID can become out of sync due to a failure on one of the disks, and during recovery, the main disk can also drop. In addition, few people know how to configure RAID on SSDs, which leads to their rapid wear.
  • Need HDD for the database.
    For a long time, HDDs have been used to store only large amounts of data that are not often overwritten. For example, for backups or video surveillance systems. In other cases, SSD should be preferred. SSDs are more reliable and predictable because the disk controller keeps track of its wear and tear. Correctly selected disk model, correct partitioning and SMART observation will be more beneficial than using HDD.
  • Optimal amount of memory on the server.
    The optimal amount of memory on the server must be selected depending on the platform on which it is installed. For example, wanting to put 128 GB on a server with two Intel Xeon 5667 processors will lead to a decrease in server performance. The reason lies in the number of memory channels that the processor supports. You can determine the number of memory channels by looking at the processor specification. For each processor of this model, these are three memory channels. Therefore, the optimal amount of memory should be divided without a remainder by 6 (3 channels * 2 processors). 128/6 = 21.33, which is not an integer and the memory will not work in three-channel mode with this amount. But 96/6 = 16 and 192/6 = 32.