Account email confirmation

After registration on hosting or change mail account an email is automatically sent to the mail containing a link to confirm it.

Until the mail is confirmed, in all sections control panels a warning like this will be displayed:

To confirm your mail, you need to find a letter with a subject in your mailbox "Account confirmation", open it and follow the link from it: After clicking on the link, in case of successful confirmation, the following notification will be displayed in the lower right corner: After that, the warning about unconfirmed mail will disappear from control panels.

Important points:

  • For successful confirmation, you need to follow the link from the letter in the same browser where authorized in the accountwhose mail you need to confirm.
  • If several letters were sent to the mail with links for confirmation, then you need to follow the link from the last letter.

The reasons for the problem may be different: for example, the email client or browser used cuts the link that should be followed, or authorization has not been completed in the account whose mail needs to be confirmed.

In this case, try the following:

  1. Delete all previously received confirmation links from your mailbox.
  2. Open our Control Panel and log in to your accountwhose mail you need to confirm.
  3. V control panels request a new email using the button "send control email" from the unconfirmed mail warning.
  4. Wait for a new letter with a confirmation link to arrive in your inbox.
  5. Copy the link from the received email to the clipboard using the right-click context menu.
  6. On a tab open in incognito mode control panel paste the copied link into the address bar and follow it.