Change mail account


Do not use for an account a mailbox in a domain that is on our service. This way, you won't miss important notifications if there are any difficulties in the operation of the domain (for example, it will not be renewed in a timely manner).

Important points:

  • Only the owner can change the mail personally from his account and only after confirming the operation in the appropriate way. Email support staff do not change.
  • A confirmation email that is sent to the old email address, cannot be forwarded to another address. If there is no access to the old address, use Access recovery.
  • After a successful change of mail in the account, all active sessionsexcept for the current one.
  1. Open the section "Personal dataBasic information" and in line "Email" click ✏️:
  2. Enter a new email address and click "Save".
  3. Confirm first new email address - enter the code from the letter sent to it and click "Confirm".
  4. Then confirm the operation itself:
    • Individuals and FOP — enter the code sent to old E-mail address, and press "Confirm".
    • Legal entities — enter your account password and click "Confirm".

After successfully changing mail for login the already new address will be used.