1.10. Account owner change


When registering, the client must provide accurate and truthful information about himself. The full name change form is intended only for correcting typos, as well as when switching to a maiden name. The form is not intended to transfer the ownership of an account to another person — for these purposes, use creating a new account and transferring services.



  • Individuals with verified учётной записью или в процессе verification.
  • FOP.
  • Legalentities.
  • Accounts with the .UA domain or who submitted an application for its registration.
  1. Open the section "Personal data".
  2. In the tab "Basic information" in line "Owner» click ✏️.
  3. In field "New name" enter the details of the new owner and click "Save".
  4. Confirm the operation with the code sent to account mail.

After successful confirmation, a letter will be sent to the mail with information about which full names and which ones have been changed.

Verified individuals who changed their full name:

If your full name has changed (for example, marriage, divorce, change of your name at your own request) and you have a document confirming this, contact the administration mail manager@ukraine.com.ua to consider the situation on an individual basis. Attach the relevant document to the letter.


  • Individuals with any verification status.
  • FOP.
  • Legalentities.
  1. Register an account in the name of the new owner and install it contains the desired type.
  2. Transfer rights for the services you need.
  3. If needed, reschedule loyalty program status.


  • The content of the services, their settings and payment terms during the transfer are not affected, only the owner changes.
  • Everything that relates directly to the account (for example, funds for personal balance or tied referrals), not getting through.

As a result, the services will belong to the new owner and their further renewal will be performed through his account.