1.17. Configuring notifications


Renewal reminders will only be sent to account mail and in Telegram... Such notifications are not sent via SMS.
Notifications are sent in the same language as is set in the control panel.
Group notifications "Account access" sent only to account mail and do not turn off.

Configuring notifications is performed in personal data on the tab "Notifications":

Opposite each group of notifications, you can choose where they should come — to account mail and / or in Telegramor disable them. Some of the groups are important and cannot be completely disabled - there must be at least one checkmark next to them. In a collumn "Do not send at night" you can mark for which groups notifications should not come at night (such will be sent at 9:00 am).

Under the notification groups, you can set the time zone to correctly define the night time:


  • Notifications for delegated services are enabled by default.
  • Sending notifications is carried out taking into account the settings notification groups.

To enable / disable notifications for delegated for you services, open the section "Access delegation " and in the block "You have been granted access" check / uncheck the boxes for the required services in the column "Receive service notifications":