1.12. Can't find service


Toshape an invoice for renewing a service can only be made from the account of the owner of this service if you have access to it.

If you cannot find a service in your account that you think should be there (for example, you received an email notification reminding you to renew it), then it is most likely that you are logged into a different account, and not the one in which the service is located.

In this case:

  1. Check which mail you received from us a letter mentioning the desired service, and compare this mail with account mailthat you are logged in to. Most likely they will be different.
  2. If the mails are different, log out of your current account and signin to another, registered to the mail to which we sent a letter mentioning the required service.
  3. If, after logging in again, you find yourself in the same account that does not have the service you are looking for, try logging into incognito mode or before re-entering clear cache your browser.
  4. If you do not remember the password for the account in which the services are located, but you have access to the mail, which received a letter with a reminder about the expiration of the period, use the procedure for restoring access and reset password.
If you are unable to identify the mailbox to which the account is registered, contact technical support and include the services ordered in the account, account numbers, or other information that may assist in identifying the owner.

There may also be situations associated with delegation or transfer of rights for services:

  • When delegating, the real owner of the service grants temporary access to another user. In this case, the delegated service is simultaneously displayed in two accounts - in the account of the owner and the one to whom access was delegated. If the service was delegated to you, then it did not belong to you. In this case, you can return access to it, extend or obtain any data only by contacting its real owner directly.
  • Upon transfer of rights, the service is completely transferred to the new owner. If you do not remember whether the service was in your account exactly and whether you transferred the rights to it, check your account mail for the presence of letters mentioning the desired service (for example, letters about a successful order, about the need to pay for it, about the transfer of rights). Perhaps this will help clarify the situation.