1.9. Gaining access to hosting registered for the site developer


Without access to the service owner's account, only anonymous payment this service.

Accessing a hosting or domain can owner only these services (the person in whose name the account is registered in which these services are located). Any other persons gain access, including download backup site or temporarily renew hosting, - can not... This also applies to situations where the developer "gone", "does not want to give access to hosting or domain" and other similar cases.

Information for .UA domain owners

If you own the domain .UA, and the domain is in the account of another user, then in this case it is necessary register on our website and write a statement asking to transfer the domain to you. The application must be accompanied by a notarized copy of the trademark registration certificate.

Documents should be sent either by mail to our mailing address, or electronically with EDS through the service Vchasno or Paperless.

We recommend, if possible, to use sending the document electronically through the service Vchasno or Paperlessbecause this method will allow you to process your application as quickly as possible, without waiting for its delivery by mail.

We will contact the existing owner of the domain and if he does not provide valid arguments against this operation, we will transfer the domain to your account. Hosting is not transferred during this operation.