1.1.4. Verification

Important points:

  • Legal entity accounts are verified automatically after the first payment is received.
  • When verifying through BankID in accounts individuals and FOP full name is automatically filled in if they were not previously filled in.
  • All data provided is subject to privacy policy.
  1. Open the section "Verification ".
  2. Choose the appropriate verification method:
  3. Submit your application using the selected method:
    Attach files or take a photo with your webcam and click "Send verification request":
    • "Identity document" — a scanned copy or photo of the document, where all the data is clearly visible.
    • "Own photo with document in hand" — your photo with the document attached above in hand. The photo should clearly show the face of the owner of the document and the document itself. The document must be expanded in such a way that you can see the owner's photo and name on it.
    1. Clickon "Verification via BankID":
    2. Use one of the identification channels available on the official BankID website:
      • Banks:
        • PrivatBank.
        • ConcordBank.
        • Bank Pivdenny.
        • monobank.
      • ID-card (passport).
      • Electronic digital signature (EDS).
      • MobileID.
  4. Expect the results of the consideration of the application within 2 working days from the date of its submission.