5.9. Reboot Dedicated and Boot in Rescue Mode


Unsaved data to disk when using this method will be lost. We recommend restarting the server using the operating system, if possible.

Reboot through the control panel is similar to pressing a button Reset and power off the server for a few seconds.

  1. Open the section "Dedicated".
  2. Switch to tab "Reboot " and press "Reboot server".
  3. Confirm the operation and wait for it to complete.

When it is not possible to connect to the server in the usual way (access is lost or it is impossible to carry out diagnostics using OS tools), you can reboot it into Rescue mode — the system will boot, which works in RAM and does not use the server's local disks. After rebooting, the server will be available for network connection. You can manage it via SSH or using KVM.

  1. Open the section "Dedicated".
  2. Switch to tab "Reboot " and press "Load server in Rescue mode".
  3. Choose a reboot method after enabling Rescue mode:
    1. "Enable with auto reboot" - The server will reboot automatically.
    2. "Enable with manual reboot" - The server will need to be rebooted manually within 5 minutes.
  4. Use the data that will appear on the tab to connect to the server "Reboot ": host address, username and password.

After the work is completed, to boot in normal mode, simply reload server.