5.12. Changing the configuration of a dedicated server

Important points:

  • Only the owner of the server can change the configuration. Users with delegated access this option is not available.
  • Only memory and disks can be changed. The maximum amount of memory, the number of disks and their type depends on the platform and processor selected at the stage order server.
  • Change configuration for everyone account types performed without surcharges or refunds, only the end date of the service is recalculated.
  1. Open the section "Dedicated".
  2. In the block "Condition" click "Change server configuration":
  3. Using the configurator, specify the required memory size, number of disks and click "Change configuration":
  4. Select the start time of work within the next day, if necessary, add a note, and click "Send a request to change the configuration":
  5. 30 minutes before the start of work on account mail a notification is sent with a reminder of the imminent start of work and a request to turn off the server yourself.
  6. After the start of work:
    • The server is shutting down.
    • Administrators begin changing the server configuration. The process usually takes 1-3 hours.
  7. When the server is ready to go:
    • The server turns on.
    • On account mail completion notification is sent.
  1. Order new server with the required configuration and pay for it.
  2. Transfer data from the old server to the new one.
  3. Notify us that the old server can be turned off:
    • For individuals: Write a request to the sales department with the notification that you are abandoning the old server. Unspent funds will be transferred to your personal balance, after which you can use them to pay for our services.
    • For FOP and legal entities: write a paper letter (to disable the server, it is enough to provide a scanned copy, funds are returned only after receiving the original):