5.8. Installing OS and software on Dedicated


When reinstalling the OS, all data on the server is deleted and the root user password is changed.

Important points:

  • The software requires a clean operating system to install, so you can install it only with reinstallation of OS.
  • List of software available for installation depends on the chosen OS.

Automatic installation allows you to reinstall the operating system and install the software completely automatically, without the need to execute console commands.

  1. Open the section «Dedicated» and switch to tab «OS and software installation».
  2. Click «Automatic installation».
  3. Select the operating system and the desired software (if necessary), configure the keys and click «Set»:

    About SSH keys:

    • SSH key authentication allows you to connect to a server over SSH or SFTP without entering a password.
    • To generate and add a key to your account, use instruction.
    • The selected key will be added to the server after OS installation.
  4. Confirm the operation by pressing the button in the warning window.
  5. Wait for the operation to complete. The installation process usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

After reinstalling the OS, access data is sent to account mail (only by mail, in Telegram are not sent). The data contains the password of the root user for accessing the server via SSH.

After installing the software, access data to it:

  • Depart for account mail and in Telegram.
  • Displayed on a tab in a separate block.
  • Available at the touch of a button ℹ️ in the history of operations.