5.12. Dedicated IPs for Dedicated


  • If necessary, you can register a PTR record for a dedicated IP.
  • Dedicated IPs can be transferred to another dedicated server by technical support request. Warning! After transferring the address, you will need to configure it yourself on the new server.
  1. Open the section "Dedicated" and switch to tab "IP address".
  2. Clickon "Order an IPv4 address":
  3. Place an order and pay formed check.

After payment is received, IPv4 will appear in the lists "Available IP addresses" and "Paid orders for dedicated IPv4 addresses".

The ordered address is subsequently automatically included in check to renew the dedicated server. If the need for a dedicated IP disappears and it is required that it no longer be included in the bill, you will need in the section "Dedicated" in the tab "IP addresses " opposite the unnecessary address click "Cancel renewal".