5.2. Dedicated server order

Important points:

  • You can order a server only on the website ukraine.com.ua.
  • All servers are physically located in Ukraine.
The server is prepared only after receipt of payment. Free trial period is not provided.
  1. Openup order page dedicated servers.
  2. Using the configurator, select the required server configuration and click "To order":
    • "Server" - choice of platform. Affects which processor, memory, and disks can be used on the server.
    • "CPU" — processor model available on the selected platform, number of cores / threads and clock speed.
    • "Memory" — the amount and type of memory available on the selected platform.
    • "Disk" — volume, type and number of disks. The maximum number of disks depends on the selected platform.
    • "Operating system" — choose one of the available distributions or provide a link to your image.
    • "Connect KVM" - allows, after assembling the server, to immediately access it by KVM for 8 hours for initial setup. Automatically activated if your own image was selected.
  3. After placing your order:
    • Components are reserved for 24 hours.
    • Automatically generated check to pay for the server.
    • The server appears in the list of active orders in the section "Dedicated"where you can track its status.
    • On account mail a notification is sent that the order has been accepted.
  4. Pay check to pay for the server with any of the available ways... If payment is not received within 24 hours, the server will be removed from active orders and the components will be removed from the reserve.
  5. After receipt of payment:
    • On account mail a notification of its enrollment is sent.
    • Administrators begin building the server. The assembly is carried out around the clock seven days a week and usually takes from an hour to several hours, less often — within a day, in extremely rare cases — up to 3 days.
  6. When the server is ready to go:
    • The server appears in the control panel "Dedicated".
    • On account mail a notification is sent with the access data to the server.
    • If the connection was selected when ordering KVM:
      • KVM is connected to the server for 8 hours.
      • On account mail a notification is sent with the data of access to the server via KVM.