5.14. RDP licenses on Windows

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used to access the desktop of a server running a Windows Server operating system.

Regardless of how many Windows user accounts are created on the server, by default the standard license is available simultaneously no more than 2 connections — that is, a maximum of two users can work simultaneously with the server via RDP. These two licenses are provided for server administration.

To use more than 2 simultaneous connections, you need to configure the Remote Desktop Service on the server. After setting it up, a grace period of 120 days is provided, during which you can use an unlimited number of connections. After this period has expired, the number of connections will again be limited to two. To use more connections, you will need to purchase additional licenses. However, due to the termination of the sale of Windows licenses, our company no longer sells such licenses.


  • If one or two users will work on the server at the same time, no additional license is required.
  • If more than 2 users will work, it is required to purchase additional licenses for each of the additional users. For example, if the server is supposed to run 5 users at the same time, you can use the grace period of 120 days, and then purchase 3 additional licenses for 3 additional users.