2.26.5. Excess consumption of processor minutes

According to clause 5.2 terms of service within the framework of shared hosting, each hosting account must use no more than 100 processor minutes per day... This limitation does not apply to tariffs businesshosting — they provide guaranteed resources at the selected rate without restrictions on the time of use (processor time).

Resource consumption statistics are kept using a counter built into the kernel of the Linux operating system. CPU time is calculated overall for the hosting account for all processes running in it. Determine which specific site or script hosted within this hosting account creates a load, unfortunately, impossible... This is due to the fact that the Linux operating system keeps track of CPU time only by users, and each hosting account is a separate Linux user.

Cpu time Is the time spent by the server processor to process the task. Processor time depends only on the work done.

1 cpu minute — this is the load of one processor core by 100% within one minute.

Exceeding this limit means that the sites of the hosting account cause an increased load on the server and can negatively affect the operation and performance of the hosting account.

All server resources are distributed among clients located on this server. If one client uses significantly more server resources than others, this leads to the fact that the quality of hosting services for the rest of the hosting clients drops. In this regard, we are forced to manually control the resources that are consumed by users.

The number of sites and their traffic do not directly affect the resource consumption of scripts. You can create one page that, when visited by 100 people per day, will use 100% of the server's resources, or you can create a website that will process 100,000 requests per day and create a load of 50 processor minutes.

Previously, we only handled the biggest offenders by hand. Now this process is automated and applies to all clients. Today, 2% of hosting accounts consume 50% of server resources. The money that is paid does not cover the cost of paying for electricity and this problem needs to be solved not by another increase in prices for all customers, but by individual work with problem hosting accounts.

Unfortunately no. The limit of 100 processor minutes per day exists for all standard virtual hosting plans.

If your hosting account needs more resources, you can consider switching to one of the tariffs businesshosting (detailed information), VPS or dedicated serverwhere there is no processor time limit - you will be limited only by the resources of the selected tariff or server and will be able to use them without time limits.

However, if several sites are hosted within one hosting account at once, each of which individually would not exceed the limits, then as an alternative you can consider order additional hosting accounts and transferring sites to them automatically or manually.

For example, one hosting account hosts two sites, each of which consumes approximately 70 processor minutes per day. In total, the load will be higher than the allowable one, but if you order an additional hosting account and transfer one of the sites to it, then instead of one hosting account with excess load, you will get two hosting accounts without excess.

From the moment of receiving the notification about the excess load, the user has 3 days to take measures to reduce it before restrictions are applied to the hosting account in order to keep the load within acceptable limits. If during this time the load is still higher than the permissible, then resources for the account will gradually (once a day) begin to be limited until the daily load is within the permissible limits.

If the load for the last full day does not exceed 100 processor minutes, then the set limits will be automatically removed. The removal of restrictions does not occur immediately, but also gradually (once a day) in the reverse order of their installation. If during this period the load does not exceed the permissible limit, the restrictions will be removed from the hosting account.

To solve problems with the consumption of processor minutes, we recommend:

Please note that the consumption of processor minutes can depend on many factors, therefore, we cannot provide accurate recommendations for optimization, due to the peculiarities and complexity of modern site systems, etc. To analyze the causes of the load and eliminate the problem with the excess consumption of processor minutes, you should contact the specialized specialists in the field of website development.

If you have solved the issue with the load, then on the graphs and in statistics web server load and MySQL server load there should not be an excess of the consumption of processor minutes and there should not be more than 25% of the CPU consumption for more than 90 seconds.