2.2.1. Hosting order


  • In one account, you can order any number of hosting accounts and switch between them in the control panel.
  • Information about the life cycle of the hosting account and the conditions of the test period is presented here.
  1. On home page select the appropriate tariff and under it click "To order" (in the future, the tariff will be change):
  2. Indicate what you want title hosting account (by default, a name will be generated consisting of various letters and numbers), select the appropriate payment term for the service (the longer the paid term, the greater the discount) and click "Order new hosting":
  3. Place your order:
    1. Optional actions:
      1. To change the period for which the service is ordered, select the appropriate one from the list in the column "Period"... The longer the paid term, the greater the discount.
      2. If you have a promo code, click "Enter promo code", enter it and press "Activate"... If you don't have a promo code, skip this step. Attention! When using a promo code, there is no discount on loyalty program.
    2. Blocks "Registration" and "Authorization" displayed only if before ordering was not signed in to your account. Enter your email for registration or log into an existing account:
      • If you have no account yet on our website, indicate your valid mail in the block "Registration"... After placing your order, you will be automatically registered.
      • If you have already have an account on our website, click "Log in" in the block "Authorization", to Log-in into it. After placing an order, the service will automatically be linked to this account.
    3. Check out public offer.
    4. Click "Checkout".

Immediately after ordering will be activated test period and you will be redirected to the payment page of the invoice generated by the system.

  1. In chapter "Hosting" expand the list of hosting accounts in the upper left corner and click "Order new":
  2. Indicate what you want title hosting account (by default, a name consisting of various letters and numbers will be generated), select a tariff and click "Order new hosting":

Immediately after ordering will be activated test period and formed check to pay for the service for 1 month. If you need an invoice for a longer period, you can toform him yourself.

To get a trial period on the order page:

  • Or click "To order" and don't pay service. After placing an order, it will automatically generate check and the payment page will open — just go from it to the section "Hosting".
  • Or just click "5 days to test". After placing an order, a section will immediately open "Hosting" - an invoice for payment can be toform later.

Within 30 minutes, the hosting account will be automatically activated for a test period of 5 days, and the invoice for its payment will be available in list of accounts.

The test period does not disappear if you pay for the service before its expiration. For example, if you order hosting and extend it for a month after 2 days of the test period, then the expiration date of the service will come in a month and 5 days (5 days of the test period plus 1 paid month).

During the test period, you can also order the following additional services for the test: Memcache(d), Redis, OPcache, Sphinx.