2.1.4. Hosting account life cycle

flowchart LR O([Ordered]) T["Test
(5 days)"] A["Active
(1-36 months)"] DA["Deactivated
(30 days)"] AR["In the archive
(up to 1 year)"] D([Removed]) AA["Active
(3 days)"] style O fill:#e0e0e0,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style T fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style A fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style DA fill:#E9C46A,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style AR fill:#F4A261,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#000 style D fill:#E76F51,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff style AA fill:#2A9D8F,stroke:#000,stroke-width:0px,color:#fff O-->T T-->|Payment|A A-->|Renew|A A-->|Deactivation|DA DA-->|Deleting
archive|AR DA-.->|Renew|A AR-->|Final
deletion|D AR-.->|Payment
recovery|AA AA-->|Deactivation|DA AA-.->|Renew|A

Hosting account orderedbut payment has not been received yet.

Immediately after the order is activated test period.

Duration: 5 days.

The hosting account is activated and works with some restrictions:

During this period can:

If during this period the hosting account is not paid, it deactivated.

Duration: 1-36 months.

The hosting account is activated and working.

During this period can:

  • Fully use hosting.
  • Prolong hostingaccount.


It is impossible to suspend the hosting account for any time period.

Duration: 30 days.

This stage begins:

  • After the expiration of the test period.
  • After the expiration of the paid term of the hosting account.
  • 3 days after recovery remote hosting account.

The hosting account is displayed in the section «Hosting», but its work is suspended and access to its contents is blocked.

During this period can:


All services of a deactivated hosting account are blocked, including mailboxes and access to them. Access to domains is not blocked.

Duration: up to 1 year.

This stage begins 30 days after the deactivation of the hosting account, if during this time the payment has not been received by us. The hosting account is removed from the section «Hosting» and transferred to the archive server, where it can be stored for up to 1 year. Important! We do not guarantee storage for 1 year, however, after a year of storage, the hosting account will definitely be deleted.

Remote hosting account is possible only restoreby paying the cost of restoration — 100 UAH. plus UAH 10 per month for each 1 GB of stored data (all data on the server are taken into account: site files, databases, letters in mailboxes). If the amount of data of the hosting account is less than 1 GB, its price will be calculated as for 1 GB of data (the total amount depends on the amount of stored data and the storage period).

Duration: 3 days.

This stage occurs within 30 minutes after receipt of payment for the restoration of the deleted hosting account. The hosting account continues to be on the archive server, but appears in the section «Hosting»... During this phase, sites and databases work as expected.

During this period can:

  • Download backups.
  • Pay hosting account to return it to the regular server and fully resume its work. Note The transfer from the archive to a regular server is performed only after renewing the hosting account (within an hour after the receipt of funds).

During this period itisforbidden:


If the restored hosting account is not paid within the allotted time, it will be deactivated again and after 30 days it will be deleted and placed in the archive.

The hosting account has been permanently deleted. Resume hosting account or recover any data from it impossible.