2.2.7. Change hosting plan

Important points:

  • Tariff can be changed service owner only. Users with delegated access tariff change is not available.
  • In tariffs businesshosting Additional services OPcache, Memcache(d), Redis and Sphinx included in the price, so when you switch from shared to business hosting, the renewal of these additional services will be automatically disabled.
  • Surcharge when changing the tariff for individuals and FLP is required only if there are active prepaid additional services. To change the tariff without surcharge, you need disable автоматическое продление таких additional services, сменить тариф и включить продление обратно (если необходимо).
  • Within 5 days test period and 5 days before the expiration of the hosting account, the tariff can be changed in any direction without restrictions and surcharges, regardless of account type.
  • When changing the tariff, the value of PHP memory_limit is reduced to the maximum in the target rate.
  • During the transition for a cheaper rate:
    • Number of sites in the section «My sites» should not exceed the available amount in the new tariff. If there are more sites remove superfluous.
    • Busy disk space should not exceed the available amount of disk space in the new tariff. If more space is used, delete unnecessary files (using filemanager or any FTPclient).
  • The tariff can be changed in any direction an unlimited number of times.
  • For hosting accounts expired tariff change depends on the availability of ordered additional services:
    • There are no additional services — the tariff changes in any direction without restrictions.
    • There are additional services — first you need a hosting account extend on credit or payand then change the tariff.
  • Tariff changes in any direction instantly and at no extra charge. Only the remaining term of the hosting account is recalculated, depending on the selected tariff.
  • In the presence of prepaid additional services to change the tariff, it is necessary to pay the difference in cost between the current and new tariff in terms of the remaining period. If additional services are not needed, you can disable their extension and change the tariff without paying the difference in the cost of tariffs.
  • Для перехода for a cheaper тариф обратитесь в technical support.
  • To switch to a more expensive tariff, you must pay the difference in cost between the current and new tariff. The invoice for payment is generated automatically. The tariff changes only after receipt of payment.


During the transition с виртуального на businesshosting the hosting account will be transferred to Ukraine or the nearest one available countries.
  1. Open the section "Hosting".
  2. In the block «Hosting account» click on the name of the current tariff:
  3. Under the description of the current tariff, click «Change tariff".
  4. Familiarize yourself with the available tariffs and in the block with the desired tariff, click «Go to":
  5. Confirm the transition with the button «Continue".
  6. If you need to pay the difference in fare to change the fare, pay generated invoice and wait for the payment to arrive.
The history of tariff changes is available in the section «Changes history».

If the hosting account is located in Ukraine — will definitely change direct IP address web server but Proxy IP, to which the site domain is directed, may remain the same.

If the hosting account is located in another country — will definitely change direct IP address and адрес, указанный в control panels... (The addresses may be the same.)

When moving from virtual to businesshosting settings Memcache(d), Redis and OPcache will remain the same as they were.

When switching from business hosting to virtual hosting, it checks the availability of previously ordered additional servicesthat have not yet expired:

  • If there are additional services, they begin to operate.
  • If not:
    • Session storage handler session_save_handler switches to storing sessions in files.
    • OPcache is disabled.