MySQL Settings

To configure MySQL, open the section «Databases» and at the top of the page click «Settings».

For business hosting only

The ability to change the MySQL version is only available on businesshosting.

Available MySQL versions:

  • 5.7.
  • 8.0.

The current version of MySQL can be found in several ways.

MySQL version changes immediately for all databases hosting account. During a MySQL version upgrade, the hosting account with all content is automatically transferred to the new server. The persistence of changes made during migration depends on the mode site blocking during database migration between servers. The migration process can take from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the size and number of files and databases in the hosting account.

After completion on account mail and in Telegram an appropriate notification is sent.

The lock mode determines whether access to the site should be locked during the migration while databases are transferred between servers, for example, when country change, tariff, MySQL versions or for technical reasons.

When blocking enabled, the site will be unavailable during the migration, which ensures the safety of the migrated data. When blocking disabled, changes made during the migration, may not be saved.

Keep the blocking enabled if the safety of data is more important to you than the temporary unavailability of the site, and vice versa - turn it off if the availability of the site is more important than the data.