Create a copy of the database

Use import via control panel.

If during the backup process you want to save the dump or make changes to it:

  1. Export the database to be copied.
  2. Import the resulting dump to an empty database.
  1. Connect to hosting via SSH.
  2. Run the command:
    mysqldump --no-tablespaces -h host1 -u login1 --password='password1' title1 | mysql -h host2 -u login2 --password='password2' title2

    In the team instead of host, login password and title use appropriate connection data to the database (with the number 1 - the data of the database, a copy of which you want to create, with the number 2 - the data of the empty database). The password must be enclosed in quotation marks.

  3. Wait for the command to complete.
Suitable only for situations where the source and target databases are in different hostingaccounts.
  1. Switch to the hosting account where the source database is located.
  2. Open the request form for automatic site transfer.
  3. In the first window select any a website and a hosting account that will host a copy of the database.
  4. Takeoff all ticks, except «Copy database», select the source database, name the target database, and submit the request.
  5. Wait for the operation to complete.