2.1.14. Recovering a deleted hosting account

For the duration of the war:

  • Restoring a hosting account from an archive is free of charge.


Despite the presence of this function, we recommend not to take risks and in a timely manner pay hosting services, and also do not forget download backups on your PC.

There are times when a few months after the expiration of the hosting, the site owner notices that his site is down and asks us to restore the site. To simplify this procedure, a functionality was specially developed that allows you to automatically restore the operation of a hosting account, even if it has not been paid for a long time.

Information about the life cycle and conditions of archival storage of hosting accounts is presented here.

After expiration or manual removal hosting account automatically deactivated... In this state, it is stored for 30 days. During this period, you can resume its work. no additional payments in one of the ways:

If within 30 days after the expiration of the hosting account, payment is not received to us, it is automatically transferred to the archive server. After the transfer the cost of restoration will be 100 UAH. plus UAH 10 per month for each 1 GB of stored data (the total amount depends on the amount of stored data and the storage period). When restoring, the hosting account retains all of its original settings, so there is no need to re-configure it. More detailed information can be found in the corresponding news.

Before restoring a remote hosting account with sites located in it, it is worth checking the presence of sites with the same names in other existing hosting accounts. If such sites exist, then we recommend them delete... This is due to the fact that only one site with a specific name. If this is not done, then after recovery, the site name may contain numbers and you will need it manual renaming.


  • All contents of the hosting account, which were at the time of its deletion, are restored: files, databases, mailboxes and letters in them.
  • If there is no access to the account of the owner of the remote hosting account, restoration can be performed through anonymous payment provided that the owner has not disabled it in his settings.

You can get acquainted with the list of deleted accounts and order recovery in the section "Deleted accounts": The list of deleted accounts looks like this:

  • "Account" - the name of the hosting account.
  • "Deletion date" - date of transferring the hosting account to the archive server.
  • "Days in archive" - the number of days that have passed since the transfer of the hosting account to the archive server.
  • "Sites" — the names of sites that were added to the hosting account at the time of its deletion.
  • "The volume of sites" — the volume occupied by the files of the sites of the hosting account.
  • "Databases" — the names of the hosting account databases.
  • "DB size" - the volume occupied by the databases of the hosting account.
  • "Mail volume" - the volume occupied by the contents of the mailboxes of the hosting account.
  • "Total" - total occupied volume.
  • "Restore" - button for ordering restoration of the hosting account.
  1. Click the restore button in the line with the name of the hosting account you want to restore.
  2. Check out the total cost and click "Pay and activate for 3 days":
  3. Pay automatically generated check any of available ways.
Immediately after activating the hosting account, the creation of backup all files and databases (copies of databases are created in one archive, as in a manual order). To be safe, before you start working with the contents of the hosting account create individual backup copies of the necessary data manually.


After restoration, the hosting account will be active only for 3 days. If during this time it is not renewed, it will be deactivated again and after 30 days it will be deleted and placed in the archive.

Within about 30 minutes after receipt of payment to us, the hosting account is activated and you can:

  • Or download backups required data.
  • Or prolong hosting account in the standard way and resume its work. Note The transfer from the archive to a regular server is performed only after renewing the hosting account (within an hour after the receipt of funds).
  • Or extend on credit hosting account, which will increase its life by 5 days without the need for payment.