Site name change


To change the name of the site, you will need to delete all of it subdomains and mailboxes.
  1. If the new domain is not registered, register his.
  2. If linked to the site mailboxes with important letters, export their contents.
  3. Through filemanager or any FTPclient rename the site directory in the FTP root from the old domain name to the new one.
  4. Open the section «My sites».
  5. Delete site with the old name (you will need to delete all subdomains of the site and its mailboxes).
  6. Add site with a new name.
  7. Important! If the site is bound to a domain address, replace the old address with a new one and correct the paths in the site's configuration files and / or its database (instructions: WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop).
  8. Check the site is working.