Website technical check

Website technical check allows you to check server response speed and a number of other general points. You can run the scan in the section «HostingMy sites»:

For more information on what is server response time (TTFB), see here.

For the initial start of the check in the block «Server response time check» click «Create files and check server response time».

To check the server response time in root directory of the site two files will be generated: a PHP file that outputs plain text with echo, and a text file with the TXT extension. The verification process measures the server response time when accessing the main page of the site and two generated files. As a result, three indicators of the server response time will be obtained — with the full operation of the site, with the minimum work of scripts and with the return static content.

The test results look like this:

By calculating the difference between the time for the main page and the time for the PHP file, you can find out the approximate time that the site scripts take to work.