PHP mail log

The PHP mail log displays information about letters that were sent using the PHP function mail. «HostingMy sites → PHP mail log»:

Calendar. Designed to select the day for which the log will be displayed. On the calendar:

  • Lightgreen the days for which logs are available are marked.
  • Darkgreen marked the day for which the log is displayed.
  • Red frame the current date is marked.

Time filter. Allows you to view the log not for the whole day, but for the selected time period.

Search. Allows you to filter entries in the log by the presence of certain text in them.

Download. Download buttons:

  • «Download per day» — downloads the log for the date selected in the calendar.
  • «Download for month» – downloads the log for the month to which the date selected in the calendar belongs. Attention! The log for the current month includes only the days that have passed (that is, all days since the beginning of the month, except the current).

Important points:

  • The log contains information only about letters that were sent using the PHP function mail and sent successfully and without errors. Information about submission attempts where an error occurred while calling the function can be found in PHP error log.
  • The log contains only information about the script that sent the email and the main headers. Get the text of the letter or download it impossible.
  • Log time not fixed on sites with PHP version below 5.5.

  • «Time» — time of sending the letter.
  • «Recording » — consists of several parts:
    • mail() on [/home/example/example.com/www/script.php:XX] — the path to the file /home/example/example.com/www/script.php and line number :XXwhere the PHP mail function was called.
    • To: admin@example.com — the recipient's mailbox, which was specified in the header TO.
    • Headers: — additional headers that were specified when sending the letter.
    • Subject: — subject of the sent letter.