Adding a site


  • If the domain is registered with us, only the current owner of the domain or a user with delegated access to him.
  • You cannot add sites that can lead to blocking of the IP server by foreign providers, as this will negatively affect the availability of sites of other users of this server. You can only post such sites on VPS or dedicated servers.
  1. Open the section «My sites».
  2. At the top of the section, click «Add site/subdomain».
  3. Enter the site name and click «Add to»:
  4. Wait a few minutes for the virtual host to be created and root directory site.


  • When creating a site, the www subdomain is automatically added, which allows you to use two common URLs for one site. The presence of the www subdomain does not affect the operation of the site. To configure the site to work without www, use instruction.
  • To resolve the situation «Domain is already being served» use instruction.
  • In case of reaching the limit on the maximum number of sites for the current tariff can delete unnecessary sites or goover the tariff is higher.
  • When adding a site or subdomains by default it will have the same PHP version installed as specified in PHP settings the last site or subdomain added to this hosting account, if the first site is added — the last one added under other hosting accounts of the current account. Further version can be change to any other.
  • If the domain specified as the site name is registered and not added by any of our users, it is automatically willbeadded to section «Domains ».
  • Autocomplete when specifying the name is triggered by clicking Tab, or click on the suggested text (grey).