Website builder

The website builder is powered by WordPress with a licensed theme Divi... After choosing a template in the constructor, the current version of WordPress and the Divi theme are installed on the site. The theme is automatically activated and the selected template is installed. After installing the constructor, the selected template can be changed to another.

The constructor works only for sites hosted on our hosting. If you do not pay for hosting or move the site to another hosting, the functionality of the Divi theme will be lost.

The constructor can be used without a ready-made template

In Divi, instead of using ready-made templates, you can create pages from scratch using a visual editor. Also, the theme has very strong functionality, which is analogous to the theme designer from Elementor Pro, which allows you to create headers, footers, posts catalog pages, WooCommerce pages, etc. in a visual editor. To install a designer without a template, use the button «Install constructor» on the template selection page or install it through the section «CMS install».

Bot protection can interfere with the installation of the constructor

Please check your settings before installation. protection against bots and make sure not installed URL protection /wp-admin/*. When protection is enabled, setting a constructor with a template may fail with an error «Template installation error: Unable to determine WordPress configuration».
  1. Open the section «HostingMy sites» and in the site menu click «Website builder»:
  2. Select a template and click «More»:
  3. Click «Install the website builder and customize the selected template» (using the button «View demo site» you can see how the template will look live):
  4. Fill out the form and click «Install website builder with template»:
    • «Site name» — arbitrary name of your site (by default, the name of the selected template is used).
    • «Administrator email » — administrator mail (default is account mail).
    • «Administrator login » — administrator login (default is admin).
    • «Administrator password » — administrator password (you can create a random one with the button «Generate»).
    • «CMS Version» — version of WordPress (the newest one is selected by default).
    • «Language» — language (by default, the language is selected as in the account).
    • «Database» — database, to which the site will be connected (you can create a new one with the button «Create DB»).
    • «Clear database before installing CMS» — enabled option means that the selected database will be cleared.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and check the site.


When changing the template on the site, all content (pages, posts, files) will be deleted.
  1. Open the section «HostingMy sites» and in the site menu click «Website builder»:
  2. Select a template and click «More»:
  3. Click «Install template» and confirm the operation:
  4. Wait for the installation to complete and check the site.

To open the site admin panel in the section «Website builder» click «Admin Panel WordPress Divi» or in the address bar of the browser add to the name of the site wp-adminto get an address like example.com/wp-admin.

To view the access data to the site admin panel specified during the installation of the designer, in the section «Website builder» click «CMS parameters».

The work of the designer can be checked without the presence of a working domain. For this after installations necessary turnon service address and configure WordPress to use it.

  1. In the side menu, select «Divi → Theme settings».
  2. Switch to tab «General → General».
  3. In line «Logo» click «Download» and upload the logo.
  4. Select the uploaded logo and save your changes.

By website builder you can mean:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Specialized online services.

The first includes such systems as WordPress, Joomla !, OpenCart, etc. Such systems are supported on our hosting. Some of them can be installed automatically, which are not available for automatic installation, can be installed manually. Detailed instructions for the various CMS can be found in here.

The latter include services like Wix. Through us you can register domain, which can be connected to a site hosted on such a service. You can connect a domain to some services using ready-made presets.