Website service address

Important points:

  • Initially, the service address is available only for the IP address from which ordered hosting. When you go to the service address from other IP addresses, the page will be displayed «Service address not available from your IP». To lift the restrictions add phone number or pay hosting.
  • When the main domain directed to hosting and the service address is included, the site will be available at both addresses - both the main and the service one.
  • The site can be indexed by the service address. We recommend disabling it for sites running on the main domain to avoid problems with indexing.
  • For the service address, you cannot install an SSL certificate and configure HTTPS. The service address works only over the HTTP protocol.
  • The service address does not affect the operation of the domain or site.
  • The service address only changes when you delete and re-add a site or subdomain. At migrations service address does not change.

The service address is designed to check the operation of the site on a hosting without a domain - for example, when the domain has not yet been registered, does not work, or is not directed to hosting. The service address is automatically generated for all sites that added in section «My sites», and looks like 1234567.example.web.hosting-test.net. By default, the service address is disabled.

If you don't have a domain yet, add in the section «My sites» website from any free name (we recommend adding with the name of the domain that you plan to use in the future).
  1. Openup site settings.
  2. In line «Service address» enable the option «Enable service address» and save your changes.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

For correct operation of CMS, which are bound to a domain address, it may be necessary to replace the main domain address with a service address within the CMS itself or make certain changes to its files. For example, in WordPress this can be done by instructions.