Change site url in PrestaShop


Before proceeding, it is strongly recommended create backups of the site and its database in order to be able to return the site to its original state if something suddenly goes wrong.

The article describes how to change the site address only within PrestaShop itself. To rename a site on a hosting (virtual host in the section "My sites" and the site directory on FTP), use instruction.

  1. In the site config file takealook the name of the database to which it is connected.
  2. Openup database in phpMyAdmin.
  3. Execute the following SQL query, substituting your data into it:
    UPDATE ps_configuration SET VALUE = REPLACE(VALUE, 'old-address.com', 'new-address.com') WHERE name = 'PS_SHOP_DOMAIN' OR name = 'PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL';

    If the names of the tables in the database do not start with the standard ps_, and with a different prefix, make the appropriate change to the SQL query.

  4. Check the work of the site at the new address.
  1. Openup Adminpanel PrestaShop.
  2. Go to section "Store parameters → Traffic and SEO".
  3. In the block "Settings URL store" enter a new address in the fields "Store domain" and "SSL Domain".
  4. Clickon "Save".
  5. Check the work of the site at the new address.