Setting up HTTPS in PrestaShop

To perform a basic setup of PrestaShop to work over HTTPS:

  1. Check the presence of an installed SSL certificate in SSL settings... If the certificate is missing, install his.
  2. Enable SSL support in the admin panel of the site itself:
    1. Openup Adminpanel site.
    2. Go to section "Store parameters → General".
    3. Against "Enable SSL" click "Click here to check your store's HTTPS support".
    4. Confirm the following link by clicking "Yes, I understand the risks".
    5. Against "Enable SSL" set the switch to position "YES" and save the settings.
    6. Against "Enable SSL on all pages" set the switch to position "YES" and save the settings.
  3. Turnon redirect to HTTPS.
  4. Check the site is working.

In most cases, the described actions are enough for the site to work over HTTPS.


In case of unforeseen situations before taking action create backup copies of the site and its database.

If the site does not work correctly and / or contains mixed content, try clearing the cache CMS and recompile templates in the site admin panel:

  1. Go to section "Advanced options → Performance".
  2. Clickon "Clearing the cache".
  3. In the block "Smarty" against "Compiling templates" choose "Force compilation" and save the settings.
  4. Check the site again.