Mail setup in PrestaShop

There are several types of users in PrestaShop to receive emails. There are two users by default "WebMaster" and "Customer service", each of which is used for specific tasks.

  1. Go to section "Store parameters → Contacts":
  2. Clickon "Add contact":
  3. In the fields on the page that opens, enter the details of the new contact and click "Save":
    • "Request" — contact name. The title will be used to display it to clients and within the CMS.
    • Language setting options. Both language settings are changed.
    • "Email address" — contact mailbox of the contact to which letters will come
    • "Save messages?" — saving letters inside CMS... Such letters will be available in the section "Customer service → Customer service".
    • "Description" — in this field you can describe in more detail the created contact.
    • Language setting options. Both language settings are changed.
  1. Go to section "Advanced options → E-mail":
  2. Specify settings for sending mail and click "Save":
    • "Send email to address" — specify the contact who will receive letters from users by default when placing an order.
    • Select a method for sending emails:
      • "Use PHP mail function" — sending emails using PHP function mail. (Not recommended method.)
      • "Set your parameters for the SMTP server" — sending letters by connecting to an existing mailbox via SMTP. (Recommended method.)
        If you select this option, the SMTP settings will be displayed below.
      • "Never send email" — blocking the sending of all letters.
      • "Send emails in format HTML" — sending letters only to HTML-the view, where the layout will be taken into account (some mail clients may not support such a view).
      • "Send emails in text format" — sending letters only in text form.
      • "Total" — sending letters using both options.
      • "Keep an e-mail journal" — logging of sending letters for further study or debugging.
      • "Send test message to" — you need to specify the mailbox and click on the button "Send test message" to test sending emails.
  1. Select the method of sending letters "Set your parameters for the SMTP server".
  2. Configure a connection to the mail server using connection data:
    • "Mail domain" — the name of the mail domain. If there is no information regarding its use, then it should be left blank. When using mailboxes hosted by us, it must be left empty.
    • "SMTP server" — specify the address of the mail server.
    • "SMTP username" — specify the full name of the mailbox from which the sending will be performed.
    • "SMTP password" — enter the password for the mailbox.
    • "Encryption" — you need to select encryption. In the case of using a mailbox hosted by us and port 465, you need to specify SSL in this paragraph.
    • "Port" — specify the port used to connect to the mail server.
  3. Set store Email the same as specified in the field "SMTP username".
    1. Go to section "Store parameters → Contacts":
    2. Go to the tab "Invoice" and in the section "Contact Information" in parameter "Store email" specify the same mailbox as in the data for connecting to the mail server: