Setting up a 404 page in PrestaShop

Important points:

Creating your own page can be completely different depending on the chosen theme in CMS.

For a classic theme, you can change the 404 page like this:

  1. Go to the directory /themes/classic/templates/errors/ and edit the file not-found.tpl:
    1. The following lines should be changed in the file:
      1. Page title line:
        <h4>{l s='Sorry for the inconvenience.' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</h4>
      2. Line with page text:
        <p>{l s='Search again what you are looking for!' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</p>
In most cases, automatic translation of text templates is enabled, so after changing the text, it can only be displayed in one language. To change the translation text, you need to find the corresponding line in the template files along the path app/Resources/translations/ru-RU/where instead of ru-RU specify the name of the directory with the desired language. In some themes, the file may be called 404.tpl, but the path to the file is usually similar to the standard one.