FTP Access Restriction

FTP security is managed under «FTP users»... Security settings allow you to restrict access to your hosting account files using FTPclients... Changes take effect instantly.


  • The subnet mask in CIDR format must be not less than 20.
  • Specify only external IP addresses (you can find out your external address using tool). Local IP addresses from the ranges,,,,, fc00::/7, fd00::/8 and :: 1 ignored.
  1. Open the section «FTP users».
  2. Click «Add IP to the list of allowed».
  3. Enter the required IP addresses (each on a new line) and click «Save»:
    • «Add IP to the allowed list» — adds your current IP to the allowed list.
    • «Add network to the list of allowed» — adds the address of your current network to the list of allowed.
  1. Open the section «FTP users».
  2. In the list of allowed addresses, click ❌ in the line with the IP that you want to delete, or mark the addresses with checkmarks and click «Delete selected»:
  1. Open the section «FTP users».
  2. Click «IP restriction disabled / enabled».

Notifications are sent to account mail and in Telegram in the following situations: