Hidden system directories


  • All hidden and system files and directories are immediately visible if you use an SFTP connection instead of an FTP connection (FileZilla, WinSCP) or SCP (WinSCP).
  • You can access the contents of hidden directories with filemanagerby activating the option display hidden files.

A number of system directories for security reasons and by default are not displayed in the directory list when connecting via FTP. Examples of such directories: .system, .ssh, .cagefs, .cl.selector, .subversion.

To access the contents of such directories via FTP, you need to connect using any FTP client and explicitly specify the path to the desired directory in its address bar.

V FileZilla after connecting, you need to manually register the path to the directory in the field «Remote site»:

V Total Commander after connecting, you need to enter the command cd and the path to the directory in the built-in command line:

  1. Openup filemanager.
  2. Enable display of system files in toolbars.
  3. Go to the directory .system/tmp or click on the symlink tmp in the root directory of the hosting account.
  4. Select all files and delete them.