FTP connection

To connect to hosting via FTP, use FTP connection data and any FTP client like FileZilla, WinSCP or Total Commander.

Important points:

  • The hosting account to which you are connecting must be active. If your hosting has expired, renew it on credit or pay.
  • At least 30 minutes should pass from the moment of hosting activation.
  • Topical should be used. FTP connection data.
  • The address from which the connection is made must be in list of allowed (alternatively, access restrictions can be completely disabled, but this is not recommended).
  • The connection must be made in passive mode (instructions for switching on: FileZilla, Total Commander).
  • To avoid corrupting the content of some files (for example, JavaScript files), use the binary transfer mode (instructions to include: FileZilla, Total Commander) or download files in zipped form and unpack them on the hosting using filemanager.