List of FTP Users

Logs established FTP Users is located under «FTP users»:


  • «Login» - the column displays:
    • Comment icon:
      • The icon with a yellow leaf means that there is no comment. By clicking, you can add it.
      • Icon with «i» in a blue circle - means that there is a comment. On hover, you can view it, on click - edit or delete.
  • «Host» — FTP server address.
  • «FTP URL» — URL for connection via external FTPclient.
  • «Access directory» - directory, the contents of which will be available upon connection. Changes to settings... Usually used when providing temporary access to a specific directory.
  • «Read only» — a checked box means that files on the server can only be viewed without the possibility of modification. Also can be changed in settings.
  • Settings button - change settings FTPuser.
  • Delete button - deletion FTPuser.