Changing FTP user settings


For security reasons, FTP user passwords are not stored on the hosting. If you forget the specified password, you can only set a new one. We recommend saving passwords in specialized password managers, for example Bitwarden.
  1. Open the section «FTP users».
  2. Click the edit button:
  3. Configure the desired settings and click «Save»:
    • «Login» — FTP username. The name always starts with a prefix containing hosting account nameto which he is attached. The prefix is displayed in green in front of the input field and is not available for editing.
    • «Password» — FTP user password. Can be specified manually or generated automatically by clicking «Random».
    • «More» — click to expand additional settings:
      • «Access directory» is the path to the directory to which this FTP user should have access. The path is set from the FTP root. Use this setting if you want to grant access only to the directory of a specific site without access to other sites in the hosting account. Note The field supports autocomplete on click Tab. IDNs can be entered both in normal form and in punycode. Symlinks in tooltips are ignored.
      • «Only for reading» — check the box if you want the FTP user to be able to only view the contents of the FTP, but not be able to make changes.

Mode «Only for reading» can also be enabled / disabled in the user list: