8.18. Payment from companies that are closing


The owner of the old account must sign the document.

Until the moment of liquidation of the company, in order not to lose control over the domain name and hosting, it is necessary to urgently transfer the services to an individual, preferably to the founder of the company, which is being liquidated. To do this, do the following:

  1. If there is no access to the old account in which the services are currently hosted, rebuild his.
  2. Register a new account for an individual.
  3. Transfer rights for services from the old account to the new one by signing an application with the EDS of the owner of the old account.

If the owner of the old account does not have an EDS, then when making an application for the transfer of rights, select the service Paperless, then printout documents from this service, put the signature of the authorized person (director) and the seal, and then send them to the Nova Poshta branch № 90, Kiev, recipient of TOV «Hosting.XYZ LTD », EDRPOU 37593550.