8.24. Discounts

When paying for the services of our company, two main types of discounts are available:


The amount of the discount depends on the term of payment for the service in one invoice. The discount for paying multiple invoices is not cumulative.

When paying for services shared hosting for a long period of time, one invoice applies not only loyalty program discounts, but also discounts for the duration of the paid period.

The discount for the period is applied taking into account the final cost of the service: first, the discount for the loyalty program is applied, and then the discount for paying for the service for a long time. The discount is formed according to the principle: the longer the payment term for the service, the greater the discount.

It is important to keep in mind that the maximum validity period of shared hosting is 36 months (3 years), therefore, when renewing, it may not be possible to select periods for renewal for which the validity period will exceed 3 years.