3.2.6. Premium Domains


The special price for a premium domain applies to any paid transactions: registration, prolongation, transfer, bringing the domain out of redemptionPeriod (only for some zones the price may be lower). The cost is not affected by promotional discounts and discounts on loyalty program.
On registration page premium domains are marked with an orange label "Premium".

Before the opening of domain registration, domain zone registries compile a list of domains that will be available for registration at a special price: most often significantly higher than the standard price, less often — with a reduced price. Such domains are called "Premium domains". As a rule, these are 1-2-3-character (numbers and / or letters) names, individual words (fitness, business, fund, server), well-known brands, etc. Important! The prices are set by the registries themselves, not by the registrars.

Concept "premiumdomain" mainly relevant for New gTLD zones: .CLUB, .LIFE, .AUDIO, .CENTER, etc. Each domain registry has a specific list of these premium domains, but the number of names and their choice depends entirely on the choice of the administrator of this domain zone . Most of the premium names (to the point) are those in almost every domain zone. But there are also exceptions in which the same name (up to a point) in different zones will be evaluated differently: in one zone this domain will be premium with an overpriced price, in another zone this name is not premium and is available for registration at a regular retail price.