3.19. Domain tracking

The tracking system is designed to receive notifications about the release of a domain without its automatic registration.

Important points:

  • The functionality is available only registered users.
  • Tracking is only available for the zones in which we support registration. The complete list is presented here.
  • All monitored domains are displayed in the control panel under "Domain tracking".
  • The service is free, for tracking not funds are required for personal balance or attached map.
  • The system only notifies about the release of the domain and not registers it. For automatic registration use pre-order.
  1. Signin to your account. Note The service is available only to registered users. If you do not have an account on our website yet, signup.
  2. Open the section "Domain registration".
  3. In the search field, enter the name of the domain you need and click "Search", after which, opposite the found domain, click the button with three dots and select "Notify about release":
  4. In the window that appears, specify the mailbox to which you want to receive a notification about the domain release, and click "Confirm":
  1. Open the section "Domains Domain tracking".
  2. In the upper block, specify the required domains and click "Track" (domains can be separated by commas, spaces or on a new line).

The list of monitored domains can be found in the control panel under "Domains Domain tracking":

At the top of the section there is a field for adding domains to tracked. You can add one domain at a time, or several at once. To add multiple domains, specify them separated by spaces, commas, or each on a new line.

Below is the list itself:

  • "Domain" — the name of the monitored domain.
  • "Email" — the mailbox to which the release notification will be sent.
  • "Status" — the current status of the domain.
  • "Update date" — date of the last domain information update.
  • "Release date" - domain expiration date. Attention! After this date, the domain is not immediately available for registration (see. domain life cycle).
  • "Also tracked by" — the number of users who track this domain in our system.
  • "Pre-order" — checkout button pre-order per domain. For already placed pre-orders, the button is displayed "Pre-order"leading to the pre-order section.
  • Delete button - removes a domain from the list and disables notifications about its release.

Buttons below the list:

  • "Delete selected" — removal of marked domains from the list.
  • Download button - downloads the list as a text file in TSV format (values separated by tabs). The list includes: domain name, current status, and release date.