3.21. Released domains

For the duration of the war:

  • The section displays significantly fewer domains than usual. The reason is that some Ukrainian registries (not us, but registries, but we support this idea) decided not to delete domains during martial law. If the domain was previously located in Redemption Period about 30 days and was removed (released), now the Redemption Period will last at least until the end of martial law. This was done so that customers who were unable to pay for the domain would not lose it and be able to resume its operation after the war.

Important points:

  • Only the main Ukrainian domains and international domains that were registered through us are tracked.
  • The release date is calculated taking into account the Hold and Redemption Period. Domains are included in the list only when there are 5 days or less left before their real release, or they are already free.
  • The information in the section is updated not in real time, but every 1-2 hours.

In chapter "Released domains" domains that have become free for registration are displayed:

At the top are:

  • A filter with which you can filter the list of domains by a fragment of text in the name or a specific zone.
  • Date field, where you can select the period of time during which domains were released for registration.

For each domain in the list, the following are displayed:

  • Release date — the date when the domain became available for registration to everyone.
  • Domain name.
  • Date and time when domain information was last updated.
  • Domain indicators (summarized information from different sources is collected):
    • Trust (more is better) — the level of trust of search engines.
    • Spam (less is better) — spam.
    • PR-CY (more is better) — PR—CY Rank indicator.
    • In index (more is better) — the total number of pages indexed by various search engines.
    • Inbound links (more is better).
    • Outbound links (more is better).
  • Domain registration cost.
  • Button "To order" — checks up—to—date information about the domain and, if it is available, adds it to the basket and allows checkout.

Buttons at the bottom of the list:

  • "Load more" — loads older domains within the selected range that did not initially fit into the list.
  • "Load all" — allows you to download the complete list of domains for the selected range as a text file.