3.21. Released domains

Important points:

  • Only the main Ukrainian domains and international domains that were registered through us are tracked.
  • The release date is calculated taking into account the Hold and Redemption Period. Domains are included in the list only when there are 5 days or less left before their real release, or they are already free.
  • The information in the section is updated not in real time, but every 1-2 hours.

In chapter "Released domains" domains that have become free for registration are displayed:

At the top are:

  • A filter with which you can filter the list of domains by a fragment of text in the name or a specific zone.
  • Date field, where you can select the period of time during which domains were released for registration.

For each domain in the list, the following are displayed:

  • Release date — the date when the domain became available for registration to everyone.
  • Domain name.
  • Date and time when domain information was last updated.
  • Domain information update button.
  • Domain indicators (summarized information from different sources is collected):
    • Trust (more is better) — the level of trust of search engines.
    • Spam (less is better) — spam.
    • PR-CY (more is better) — PR—CY Rank indicator.
    • In index (more is better) — the total number of pages indexed by various search engines.
    • Inbound links (more is better).
    • Outbound links (more is better).
  • Domain registration cost.
  • Button "Order" — adds domain to cart and allows checkout.

Buttons at the bottom of the list:

  • "Load more" — loads older domains within the selected range that did not initially fit into the list.
  • "Load all" — allows you to download the complete list of domains for the selected range as a text file.