3.20. Domain sale

Important points:

  • The system is analogous to a bulletin board and is intended only to make it easier for sellers and buyers of domains to find each other. We do not act as a guarantor in purchase and sale transactions.
  • Put up for sale notavailable:
    • For expired domains.
    • When a procedure is initiated but not completed verification.
    • For .UA domains, since in this zone the procedure for changing the owner is more complicated than in the rest.

Domains that are on our service can be put up for sale. Such domains will be displayed in a special public section. For each domain, the section displays information specified by its owner when putting up for sale: price, contacts and additional information. An interested buyer can contact the specified contacts with the domain owner and directly agree on the purchase and transfer of rights to the domain.

  1. Open the section "Domains ".
  2. In the domain menu, click "Put up for sale":
  3. Fill out the form and click "Save":
    • "Price" — enter the amount and select the currency.
    • "Contacts" - indicate your contacts, where a potential buyer can contact you.
    • "Additional info" — here you can specify any additional information.

After being put up for sale, the button "Put up for sale" will change to "Set up sale" and the domain will appear in list of domains for sale.

By clicking on "Set up sale" can:

  • Change the previously entered data.
  • Remove domain from sale.

Everything for sale domains are displayed in the section "Domains for sale":

In the upper part there is a filter with which you can filter the list of domains by a piece of text in the name or a specific zone. By clicking on a domain, you can view contact details and additional information specified by the owner of the domain when listing for sale.

For each domain, its indicators are also displayed (summarized information from different sources is collected):

  • Trust (more is better) — the level of trust of search engines.
  • Spam (less is better) — spam.
  • PR-CY (more is better) — PR—CY Rank indicator.
  • In index (more is better).
  • Inbound links (more is better).
  • Outbound links (more is better).