3.15. Domain certificate

Important points:

  • The certificate is sent in the form of a document signed by EDS through the service Vchasno or Paperless.
  • The certificate is issued in the name of the current owner of the account in which the domain is located, and not in the name of the one who is indicated in contacts this domain.
  • Domain must be present at least once paid from the account of its current owner.
  • Domain inquiries are paid.
  • There can be only one domain in the help. If you need help for several domains, you need to order help for each of them separately.

We provide certificates confirming the ownership of the domain. Sometimes, such certificates can be requested by banks when activating the acceptance of card payments on the site or when selling a domain, when you need to prove that the domain belongs to you.

  • The current date.
  • Domain name.
  • Owner data:
    • For .UA domains - data of the owner of the trademark on the basis of which the domain was registered.
    • For other domains - data of the owner of the account in which the domain is located.
  1. Open the section "Domains ".
  2. In the domain menu, click "Order certificate":
  3. Fill out the form and click "Pay XXX UAH":
    • "Document management system" - select the service through which you want to get help: (Vchasno or Paperless).
    • "Document Language — help language.
    • "Email in the document management system" - specify the mail to which your account is registered in the selected service.
    • "ITN" (only for Vchasno) - your TIN.
  4. After submitting the completed form, an invoice will be generated to pay for the certificate for the domain.
  5. Pay created check and wait for the certificate to be signed using the EDS of the TOV company «Hosting.XYZ LTD » within 48 hours.