3.10. redemptionPeriod and domain deletion periods

Domain lifecycle information is presented here.

Domains that have not been renewed within 27-29 days (depending on the zone) from the date of expiration of the registration period are automatically deleted. In most international and Ukrainian zones, after deletion, the domain is transferred to the redemptionPeriod status (also known as Pending Delete Restorable). During this period, the domain can still be restored by the owner, but at an inflated price. If the domain is not restored during the redemptionPeriod, then it is transferred to the pendingDelete status and permanently deleted from the registry, after which, after a few days, it becomes available again for registration to everyone.


It is impossible to speed up the transition of a domain from redemptionPeriod to pendingDelete.

In most zones, the redemptionPeriod is 30 days, but there are also exceptions:

  • For .COUNTRY domains - 45 days.


Discounts for domain withdrawals from redemptionPeriod are not available.

The cost of renewing a domain that is in the redemptionPreiod status, as a rule, is 5-15 times higher than the cost of a regular renewal. Prices for domains withdrawal from redemptionPeriod for all supported zones are presented in the section "Cost of services"... A dash instead of a price means that there is no redemptionPeriod in this zone.

The final removal of the domain from the registry takes 5-6 days... But for domains .COUNTRY, .BLACKFRIDAY, .CHRISTMAS, .GIFT, .GUITARS, .LINK, .PHOTO, .PICS, .SEXY, .TATTOO, .HIPHOP, .JUEGOS, .AUDIO, .CLICK, .HOSTING, .PROPERTY , .DIET, .FLOWERS, .HELP, .LOL there are exceptions: pendingDelete for them lasts 5-30 days (Registries delete domains at their discretion within the specified time frame).


Some of the domains that were previously registered through partners (before we received ICANN accreditation) fall under the partners' regulations. On the 10th day after the expiration of the domain, the partner can submit the domain for auction. If it is bought out by a third party, it will no longer be possible to restore the domain. You can read this policy here. Warning! Our company has nothing to do with holding auctions. In order not to lose your domain, we recommend in advance prolong your domains or transfer them to us for direct service — this can be done no later than 1 day before the expiration of the domain: when issuing an invoice for renewal, you will be asked to receive a 10% discount and generate an invoice for domain transfer to us for service, if the domain is currently being served through a partner.

If the domain has passed the redemptionPeriod status, then it is possible only two options:

  • A quick way is to restore your domain from redemptionPeriod by renewing it at an inflated cost. The domain will resume its work immediately upon receipt of payment and DNS cache updates.
  • The slow way is to wait until the redemptionPeriod completes and the domain is permanently deleted from the registry (pendingDelete), and then re—register the domain at the regular price. Depending on how long ago the domain moved to redemptionPeriod, it may take from several days to 1—2 months to wait until the domain becomes free for re—registration. For convenience, you can use pre-order domains.

You can find out the approximate date by contacting technical support... You can accurately track the moment of domain release by regularly checking information on the domain in WHOIS... As soon as the information on the domain is no longer displayed in WHOIS, you can check the possibility of registering it on registration page domains.