3.2.8. Cancellation of registration due to a mistake in the name

FROM 25th March 2019 it is possible to unregister some domains, in the name of which there was a mistake.

Important points:

  • The domain must be international / thematic. Cancellation of registration of Ukrainian domains is not possible.
  • The application for deletion must be submitted within 3 days from the date of ordering the domain.
  • The possibility of a refund depends on the period for which the domain was registered:
    • If the domain was registered for 1 year, and then renewed for any period with a separate account, it will be impossible to cancel the registration.
    • If the domain was registered immediately for 2 years or more, then each such situation is considered individually through technical support.
  • For each domain zone there is a limit on the number of deletion operations. We will not be able to delete a domain if this limit is exceeded.
  • The system was created specifically for cases when the user made a mistake while spelling the domain name. In the event of abuse, domain cancellation will be refused.

In all other cases, it is impossible to change the name of an already registered domain. Also, you cannot refuse the domain and request a refund for it (clause 1.8 contract).

  1. Open the section "Domains ".
  2. Expand the domain menu and click "Delete domain due to name error":

If the application is processed successfully, the funds for the domain will be automatically refunded within 10 banking days in the same way as the payment was made.

If you need to change the domain, you need to register a new domain with the desired name. The old domain can simply not be used - after the expiration validity period it will be automatically deleted and will become available for registration to everyone.

To prevent the old domain from being available on the network, you can: