3.2.7. Domain registration terms

Domain registration speed depends on the domain zone. In most zones, a domain is registered within 5 minutes after payment is received.

Terms of domain registration in various domain zones:

  • .UA areregistered within 1-3 business days (very rarely there are delays up to 14 days) after filling out the questionnaire for domain registration — indicating the contacts of the owner of the TM. The reason for the relatively long registration is due to the fact that the application is being checked in the register of the .UA zone. The domain is registered only after moderation by the registry.
  • Everything Ukrainian domains (except for .UA), for example .COM.UA, .KIEV.UA, .ORG.UA, .DP.UA, .PL.UA, .ZT.UA, .TE.UA, .RV.UA, .IF. UA, .VN.UA, .УКР, .IN.UA, .MK.UA, .OD.UA, .CO.UA, .BIZ.UA, .NET.UA, .ZP.UA, .DN.UA, .LVIV.UA and others, are registered within 1-5 minutes (in rare cases — during the day).
  • Everything international domains, for example .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO, .PRO, .CC, .TV, .NAME, .TOP, .CLUB, .BEER, .COOKING, .FASHION, .FIT, .VIP , .COMPANY, .COMPUTER, .WORLD, .DELIVERY, .ENERGY, .AE.ORG, .CN.COM, .DE.COM, .EU.COM, .GB.COM, etc. are registered within 5 minutes (in rare cases — during the day).
    Note: if you are missing verified account mail, telephone number or not specified mailing address, in this case, an application for registration of an international domain will be sent only after specifying the missing data. If any data is missing, then after paying the invoice you will receive an email with detailed information on what needs to be done to complete the registration.
After registration, the domain will start working within 1-24 hours. For more information on how to update the DNS cache, see here.